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Oh, uh, hey look, it’s an episode, on Valentine’s Day! Okay, yeah, it isn’t really all to Valentine Day-y, but with all the computer problems the show has been suffering, well, this episode almost didn’t even get done! I know! I’m shocked I got it out if I’m being completely honest! I hope you enjoy it and I hope to be casting you you next week as well!

00:00 – Green Room Rockers – Cold Hearted Woman (Hoosier Homegrown ’07)
03:37 – Jeffries Fan Club – Alone (Nothing to Prove ’04)
05:52 – the Vengers – the Shape of Things to Come (Push This? ’95)
10:01 – the Last Slice – Silver Box (Fresh Cuts ’12)
12:35 – Slow Gherkin – Turned Off (Shed Some Skin ’98)
16:39 – Smoke Like a Fish – Ready or Not (Smoke Like a Fish ’02)
19:34 – Yum!Yum!ORANGE – CHANGE MY LIFE (Orange Juice ’04)

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Session : 16 // Episode : 351 // Original Airdate : February 14th, 2019