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At it again with Checkered Cast! This time I'm teaming up with Tara for the hardest and most rewarding episode so far! We both have such similar tastes that I've played a lot of what she had ideas for, but we got through it! And this episode is all the better for the hard work she put into it (that and having to deal with me!)

00:00 - the Scotch Bonnets - Ruder Than You (Check One - 2 comp '19)
03:03 - Some Ska Band - So You Think (It's Going Down '18)
05:02 - Bite Me Bambi - I don't Want to Be (I don't Want to Be '20)
08:10 - the Radiation Kings - Dem Try (Early Years '99)
11:02 - Sonic Boom Six - Monkey See, Monkey Do (Rude Awakening '10)
14:24 - Yes Brainer - Times are Getting Harder (Demo 2018 '18)
16:07 - TalkBats! - TalkBats (World Domination Vol.2 comp '20)
20:06 - Amy Winehouse - Monkey Man (Back to Black: B-Sides '07)

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Session Nineteen // Episode : 427 // Airdate : October 15th, 2020