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Surreality just got funky! Or "rude" I should say "Surreality just got rude" because this is a ska podcast, right? Anyway, "Scud the Disposable Assassin" is a top tier comic for, so over the top and fun and oddly, one of the easier episodes to find current music to fit the theme. Fun comic, fun music, fun episode! It's cool to be a ska podcast.

00:00 - the Steady 45's - Slowdown Heart (Meaning of Love '20)
03:21 - Bad Operation - Bagel Rooks (Bad Operation '20)
05:31 - the Skalinskis - Somebody Stole My Baby (Freak Club '18)
08:11 - Soweto - Don't Look Back (Turn on the Music Again '17)
10:55 - Mighty Megatons - Atomic Bomb (Atomic Bomb / I Want to Know '19)
13:31 - the Void Union - Mine (Return of the Super Vape '19)
15:35 - the Slackers - Robots (the Boss Harmony Sessions '07)
20:14 - Bomb the Music Industry! - This Graceless Planet (Others! Others! '09)

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Episode artwork by: Rob Schrab
Based on the cover of: Scud the Disposable Assassin #1
23min of Ska is produced weekly by RJ Phoenix

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Session Nineteen // Episode : 431 // Airdate : November 12th, 2020