Woah, this episode... this episode shocks me with the talent contained in it! I didn't really have a direction or "must play" list of songs, I just kinda started tossing tracks I liked into the playlist an checked to see how they fit together... and wow, wow! It just FIT! Not only that, it highlighted each song so long! So great! Hope you all enjoy!

00:00 - the PMR Ska Collective - This is the Way! (This is the Way! '21)
03:25 - Intergalactic Brasstronauts - Greedy Game (Music for the People '21)
06:11 - the Skacore Cartel - Una Dia Mas (City Lights '21)
09:26 - Rude Ways - Fireproof City (Fireproof City '21)
12:39 - the Sensibles - Nuclear Paradise (Nuclear Paradise '21)
15:14 - the Odd Advantage - Give 'em a Break (Pandas in Pandemic '21)
18:09 - Wotka Trawolta - Mr Blue Sky (Block Buster: Tribute to Glam Rock comp '21)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 471 // Airdate : September 23rd, 2021