Here it is, we're closing out the year on a high note! All these songs rip! Hope you had a good year and listened to a lot of great ska! 2021 brought us great music, a handful of shows, but not much else. Let's hope everything continues to get better next year!

00:00 - Pinnacle Sound, Jr Thomas - Thankful (Thankful '21)
02:45 - JER - Ska has Progressed Past the Need for Incels (The Shape of Ska Punk to Come Volume II comp '21)
05:29 - the Replicators - Ass(istant) Man(ager) (Don't Take Me Home '21)
09:12 - Eichlers feat. We Are The Union - 2 OF US (2 OF US '21)
12:03 - Fink's Constant - Last Call (Hanging on by a Thread '20)
15:42 - Threat Level Burgundy - Sweating to the '80s (Silver '21)
19:36 - Lollypop Lorry - You're Wondering Now (You're Wondering Now '21)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 483 // Airdate : December 30th, 2021