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Whew, at the end of another 23 episodes! Yes, folks, this is the last donut in the box. What does the future hold? Who knows! You can't spend that much time worrying about things you can't predict. I mean you can prepare for the eventual, but you can never prepare of the unknown, so stop stressing so much. Get yourself some good tunes, some good friends and relax. 

00:00 - the Interrupters - American Idiot (American Superhits comp '16)
02:48 - the Rulerz - Angel with Dirty Faces (Don't be a Poser '17)
05:48 - Big D & the Kids Table - Earthquake & Fire (No Worries comp '14)
10:14 - the Closers - Turning Green (the Closers '10)
13:46 - OC Ska Kids - Wednesday (Episode I '17)
17:01 - the Amphetameanies - Be Yourself (Last Chance Bordello '14)
20:07 - Stupid Flanders - Donuts (Flanders' Dozen '15)

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Session : 12 // Episode : 276 // Original Airdate : June 29th, 2017