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So, yeah, I wanted to do an episode with a lot of my favorite Canadian bands and pattern it after "Alpha Flight" but that wasn't coming together. Then I heard the opening track by "Lo(u)ser" and KNEW I needed to do a "Scott Pilgrim" styled episode and then everything just fell right together! Keep the Canadians, add a bunch of other great tracks, and that's a podcast!

00:00 - Lo(u)ser - Grow Up (Grow Up '20)
02:18 - Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous - Lies (Heart is Stupid '19)
05:00 - Rude Boy George - Magnificent 7 (Combat Cancer : a Tribute to the Clash comp '15)
09:30 - King Kong 4 - dead letter (anything can happen, but almost nothing will '20)
11:12 - minivandal - Fact Check (Turn Left Here '18)
13:44 - the Kingpins - All the World's a Cage (plan of ACTION '00)
17:02 - Younger Than Neil - Up for Air (la Llorona) (Write New History '19)
20:03 - Rude Ways - Analog Days (Analog Days '20)

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Episode artwork by: Bryan Lee O'Malley
Based on his work: Scott Pilgrim

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Session Nineteen // Episode : 432 // Airdate : November 19th, 2020