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After 2 solid ska/punk and high energy ska episodes in a row, I decided to take it down a notch on this one. Also, when I started this session of 23min of Ska I dedicated it to friend Lawless, and well, it's about to get a little Lawless up in here because I'm including a clutch of songs from his Moondust record label on this one. I'm keeping it a bit laid back to make the tone, but also give us all a bit of breather to relax and reflect.

00:00 - the Bandulus - Stop Playin' with My Heart (Love a Woman '19)
02:34 - Alpheus - Rudies (Rudies / Our Time Will Come '20)
05:41 - the Twilights - Dancing Moon (Hear What I Say '18)
08:30 - 4th Street Orchestra - Ah Who Seh? (Ah Who Seh? / Go Deh! '20)
11:34 - Ocean 11 - Miss Understanding (Miss Understanding / Spring in Rome '11)
14:48 - Laurel Aitken - Apollo 12 (Skinhead Invasion) (Apollo 12 / Moon Rock '11)
16:52 - Irie Beats - No Jodes Ver. 2 (People Need People / No Jodes Ver. 2 '11)
20:35 - Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra feat. Greg Lee & Alex Desert - World's Fair (Big Band Tribute to the Skatalites: Vol. 2 '15)

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Session : Eightteen // Episode : 399 // Airdate : March 5th, 2020