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Hey everyone here's the first of three episodes featuring songs picked by listeners! All these selections come from listeners on! There were a lot of suggestions made, and there were a lot of good songs that got dropped (don't worry /r/ska, "You Call It Vol. 12" still has plenty of space for your suggestions.)  Big thanks to nerfyoda, hawgdrummer7, shazbotica, pmtuschiches, MrWeetabix and 2-Worlds-2-Furious! This episode literally would not be possible without your suggestions. Thanks for your help in making this a better podcast.

00:00 - los Skarnales - Una y Otra Vez (Dále Shine! '10)
03:24 - Six Hung Sprung - Drinkin' Buddies (a Start of Something New '06)
05:46 - Go Jimmy Go - Don't Stop Everything (the Girl with the Fishbowl Eyes '05)
09:32 - Panteón Rococó - la Carencia (Compañeros Musicales '08)
12:59 - South Central Skankers - Just You and I (Just You and I '11)
16:12 - Suggs - I'm Only Sleeping (Everybody Loves the Beatles comp '17)
19:46 - the Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Storm Hit (the Impression That I Get '97)

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Session : Special // Episode : 10 // Airdate : Dec 14, 2017