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I've done it again! I've managed to make you, my listeners pick out songs for this week's episode. That's right, if you don't like it you have no one to blame but yourselves! Of course, if you do like then what the hell do I think I'm doing each and every week? Maybe you're all better off without me! Oh man, I didn't think that making a podcast this week and then writing this little blurb was going to send me into a crisis of self... well... damn...

00:07 - Simple Minded Symphony - King's Malice (King's Malice '19)
04:26 - Show Me Island - Now I Know Better (Ring Around & Run '16)
07:37 - Undercover S.K.A. - If Wolfy were Alive He'd be Playing in a Ska Band (We've Come for Your Daughter '95)
11:36 - Skapulario - Vida en Espiral (Vida en Espiral '94)
15:05 - the Untouchables - Free Yourself (Wild Child '85)
19:18 - Bad Manners - This is Ska (Return of the Ugly '81)

Audio clips taken from the Daily Guru's video "What is Ska"

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Session : Special // Episode : 17 // Airdate : July 11th, 2019