Happy Birthday, Six Foot Plus! To celebrate this show turning 9-years-old, we have a quarantine podcast full of music to turn your pandemic into something epic. Plus, the MONSTERMATT MINUTE and KILLER KUT.


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Episode 262: 9 Years Of Six Foot Plus (Released April 4, 2020)

Notes: Delayed, decayed, but never afraid.

Thanks for sticking with us for all these years. Here’s a quarantine podcast full of music to help you get through this self-isolating, social distancing, coronavirus blues.

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01. The Other, “Last Man On Earth”
02. Groovie Ghoulies, “Outbreak”
03. The Independents, “Alone”
04. The Anxieties, “The Quarantine”
05. The Beat Devils, “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”
06. The Dead Milkmen, “Welcome to the End Of The World”
07. The Haddonfields, “Bars On Mars”
08. The Mary Lous, “When My Brain Falls Out”
09. Savage Remains, “Brand New Disease”
10. Recreational Outrage, “Dive Bar Heroes”
11. Amino Acids, “Band #14” / “Terror Beyond A World Unknown”
12. Central Massif, “The Last Woman On Earth”
13. Wolfmen Of Mars, “Tales of Mystery & Isolation”
14. The Difference Engine, “Who Can It Be Now?”
15. Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies, “Oh Corona”
16. Memphis Morticians, “I Want Disease”
17. Clockwork Psycho, “Alone In The Wastes”
18. Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys, “Hunker In My Bunker”
19. Band New Luddites, “Poison Electricity”
20. The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, “Disease Control”
21. Mazinga, “Omega Race”
22. The Epidemic, “Quarantine Days”
23. Left Hand Black, “28 Days Later”
24. The Scanners, “No Panic, No Stress”
25. The Vooduo, “Mad World”
26. The Creeping Ivies, “The World”
27. Guana Batz, “End Of The Real World”
28. The Nightshift, “The End Of The World”
29. Bad Whoremoans, “Last Man On Earth”
30. Overwhelming Colorfast, “Corona”


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