It’s a surf music explosion with an Altered State Of Reverb showcase. We also have music from UGLY FLY GUYS, EL REY BANDIDO, THE BLACK TONES, TIKI CREEPS, and more. Plus, Monstermatt Patterson stops by with another MONSTERMATT MINUTE.

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Episode 263: Breaking Waves (Released June 17, 2020)

Special Thanks To Altered State Of Reverb / @Altered_State_Of_Reverb

Notes: Delayed, decayed, but never afraid.

Thanks for sticking with us for all these years. Here’s some surf music to help you get through your days.

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01. Daikaiju, “Super X-9”
02. Beware The Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion
03. The Spiratones, “Bustin”
04. The 9th Wave, “Atlantic Surfer”
05. The Mad Doctors, “Truancy Man”
06. The Black Tones, “Woman In Black”
07. Harriers Of Discord, “Light Surfer”
08. The Sonoran Surfers, “Lost Dutchman”
09. El Rey Bandido, “This Eternal Hell”
11. Kid Congo Powers, “Frankenstein”
12. Dos Feratu, “Shred The Dead”
13. Girl Over Planet, “Space Snowplow”
14. The Kaputniks, “In Absentia”
15. The Propellers, “Vanity”
16. Surfnado Tiki Squad, “Chatanooga Horror Sea”
17. Os Pampa Haoles, “Behind You”
18. Los Oxidados, “Captain Lance Murdock”
19. The Seatopians, “The Darkest Timeline”
20. Genki Genki Panic, “The Munge II”
21. Tiki Creeps, “Buzz Bomb (Live)”
22. The Jimmy Psycho Experiment, “13 Stitches”
23. Trash Stash, “I Put A Spell On You”
24. Czar Coba, “Space If The Place (To Surf)”
25. Pretty Ghouls, “Mask Of Satan (Black Sunday)”


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