This week's episode was sponsored by Greer Amps. They make the Little Samson, a balanced dirt box designed from the ground up to be the ultimate distortion pedal.

In the 108th edition of the 60 Cycle Hum podcast, Dingus and Squirrel catch up on Ryan's new songwriting board, full of digital drums and...other...things? Sure. Then we talk about a heavy "sumbich" acrylic guitar, and an odd Guild piece from the 70s. By the way, if you were the guy selling three Mr. Black SuperMoons on Reverb, congrats I guess. Oh yeah..this is the right way to be a pro bass player. This guy is full of win.

There's nothing quite like running your fingers along the edges of a smooth, contoured body and really feeling the way it weighs on your shoulders, but are all the good guitar shapes gone? Let's find out.

This week's song submission was from Ken. He sent "Edward Weston" from his band Claws that Catch.