This episode was sponsored by Barefoot Buttons, maker of some fancy foot switch covers that make classic stomp switches so much easier to stomp.

In this episode Ryan and Steve are joined by Donny from Emoji Pedal Reviews. This week we're coming off a big Wheel of Pedals game, with 14 entries into the swap. Thanks guys! If you want to find out more about the contest, shoot an email over to

Our ads this week feature two customized pieces and one "hand built" instrument from a famous builder. First up, we look at a vintage Musicmaster with some interesting modifications. Next, a custom cut guitar makes us ask if the truth is out there and whether or not we actually want to believe. Finally we get to something normal from the custom, hand made shop of none other than these guys.

For this week's topic we were asked to think about the top 5 essential effects for playing modern rock...which was tough because we weren't really sure what modern rock was to begin with. I think we eventually figured it out though.

This week's music was sent by Chris Brewer of the band DeLorean Gray. The song is called "Mundane Days". Chris also makes the Less than or Sequel to Podcast.