This episode was brought to you by Sinasoid. We can't get enough Sinasoid in our lives. You should check them out if you're looking for an instrument cable. Seriously...what are you waiting for? This episode was also sponsored by Matthews Effects. They've got a a sweet combo deal going with Sinasoid and ESO Straps for a strap, a cable and a Matthews Astronomer. This episode's final sponsor is Equitz Guitars. Kevin makes some great looking and playing guitars. Go check him out right now!

In this episode Steve talks about what he got from the Premier Guitar Mystery Stocking. Ryan talks about all of the new TC Electronic Pedals he is working on demos for.

Here's some pictures.

1. Too Many Cases

2. What matters most in your signal chain?

3. Dumb Mic

4. Would you rather see guitar builders put out new models or variations on older models.

5. Insane Zerberus

This week's song was sent by Cameron Bahrami of the band The Medicine Years. The song is called "Wanderlust".