This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. As our favorite Pro Audio Couture, Sinasoid provide top notch customer service to go along with a premium selection of instrument and speaker cables. This episode was also sponsored by Walrus Audio. The boys at Walrus have outdone themselves again. This time they've put out an amazing reverb pedal, the Fathom. Check out our demo!

Apparently Ryan and Steve get straight into the episode, because I didn't write down any notes about anything they talk about on the front end of the episode.


1. Which Amp? Fender Hot Rod vs. BOSS Katana

2. Ryan and Steve discuss the recent updates to the Titan KR-2, a vibrato equipped Titan.

3. Thick picks only

4. Steve and Ryan talk about KLOVE, and the Christian music industry...and really radio in general and the music industry as a whole

5. Raccoon Trillers

This week's song was sent by Lucas Ryvers from the band Young Babylon. This song is called "Put My Heart Out".