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Ryan and Steve barely squeeze out an episode. The ghost of hiccups past comes to haunt Steve and it really drains his energy in a bad way. We open up the sow with Ryan talking about new things with the Epiphone SL, then we get into the real stuff. Oh yeah, as of 1/28/18 we have our signature pedal, the 50/50, in stock. Hit us up at They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Pictures for you

1. $1250 J Mascis

2. What's left to do with reverb pedals?

3. Jackson Ampworks announces a DIY cab option

4. Ryan and Steve try to name landmark pedals for each decade

5. Used Recorders

This week's song was sent by Brendan Williams. His band is called Warm, and this song is called "Stay"