Originally released on Halloween 2013 for ’80’s Picturehouse’ (hello to everyone who listened to that), Dave and Thom have added a new introduction to their '80s Pumpkinhouse' show and releasing it under the ‘Decade of Decadence’ banner for all to hear.

This is a crazy show that was recorded live, calling a variety of people across the world and asking them about their own personal 'scary story' and what their favourite scary movie of the 1980s was.

Dave's infamous old headset kept playing up (especially at the very end of the show where it seems to be possessed by an evil spirit) and the events that unfold when horror author Ramsey Campbell is on the line have to be heard to be believed!

The guests on the show are:

  1. 00:34:22 - Joey Jones (America: Listener)

  2. 00:45:02 - Matt Coomber (UK: Listener) 

  3. 00:52:58 - Ben Wyatte (Tasmania: Listener)

  4. 01:02:54 - Ramsey Campbell (UK: Author)

  5. 01:26:00 - Michael & Mel Oglesby (UK: Our webmeister both then and now)

  6. 01:37:23 - Ginger Wildheart (UK: Musician)

  7. 01:49:42 - Nick Frame (UK: Film Production)

  8. 02:02:38 - Andrew Marsland (UK: Listener)

  9. 02:07:46 - Neil Taylor (UK: Podcaster)

  10. 02:15:27 - Sandy King Carpenter (America: Producer & script supervisor)

  11. 02:32:03 - Kenny & Robert (UK: Podcasters)

  12. 02:49:00 - Kevin & Billy (UK: Podcasters)

  13. 02:57:54 - Rob Beardsley (UK: Listener)

  14. 03:07:04 - Jeremy Lockhart (America: Listener)

  15. 03:14:50 - Ramrod (UK: Listener)

  16. 03:25:27 - Tina (UK: World-famous artist)

  17. 03:36:59 - Chris Jellyman (UK: Podcaster)

  18. 03:45:51 - Anthony C Ferrante (America: Director/writer/producer)

  19. 03:58:17 - Lauren Grieve (America: Listener)

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