Beer: Corps Mort

Brewer: Abri de la Tempête

Smoked Barley Wine, 11%

Bought it because I`ve been eyeing it for a while, up there on the top shelf. Little minx was flirting with me, I can tell. Plus the label has a tiny cute little skull on it. Sold.



It`s got a nice dusky apricot color, I expected it to be darker, or brownish. It had just a bit of foam when I poured it out, as pictured above, and it has now pretty much dissipated into nothing.

It smells really nice, subtle and a little sweet. I barely smell the smoke, but it is there in the background.

Oh that’s a departure from all the other Barley Wines I’ve tried. The first thing that hits you isn’t the strong sweetness most slap you across the face with. It’s got a salty bitterness to it. Aaaahhh the label says “herring smoked malt” so… there ya go. It’s not fishy though.

Also mentions notes of maple, but I don’t taste it. I guess my taste buds aren’t refined enough 🙂

It does have some lingering bitterness, which to me counterbalances the sweetness. It’s nice.

I like it! Not sure I’d drink a ton of it, but one or two after a work day sounds good to me.

It’s crazy strong, 11%. I’m almost grateful it’s only 341ml.

Price tag, as expected for such a high percentage, is a bit high. This brewery is generally higher priced now that I think of it. I may review their Scotch Ale sometime soon, as they boast it is one of the best ranked in the world.

And I love me some Scotch Ale.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)

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