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In this, the last episode, Martin and Andrew discuss the origins of A Fistful of Faceful, tracing back to the beginning when Martin was simply a timid Brit, whose stereotypical view of Heavy Metal music was such that it should have been an impossible task to even attempt his conversion. (This was made especially clear in episode 19) However, during their conversation about the history of this podcast, the realization was made that Martin has indeed changed his perceptions. The roots of metal, its evolution and progression are charted throughout the episode, as well as the introduction of several Stoner Metal bands from across the globe including The US, The UK, Ukraine, and Italy. Fans of Stoner Metal tune in, this podcast is for you. Similarly, if you enjoy the back and forth between our two hosts, this might be the last change to hear Andrew say the words "Again," and "Forward." Most importantly, Martin and Andrew would like to thank you for listening to these podcasts, and hope you've gotten as much enjoyment out of listening to them, as they have recording them. So, download at will, kick back, and listen to Heavy Metal!