This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome The Bronx's own DJ Kast One to the Upper West Side! A Hot 97 staple for the last decade, Kast talks about fighting his way through the Bronx, doing graffiti in subways and on rooftops, joyriding cars at a boarding school in Pennsylvania, cleaning airplanes at LaGuardia Airport, and his mother signing him up for college without his knowledge. We discussed how DJing went from a high school hobby to a career thanks to his college roommate L Boogs, what circumstances led to Kast becoming DJ Enuff's opener, getting kicked out of college, getting kicked out of a recording session by Kanye West, and getting kicked out the booth by famed Hot 97 Program Director Tracy Cloherty. All that, plus Japan, Nardwuar, asking Ebro for vacation, being a Heavy Hitter, and much more!

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