As it's the most wonderful time of the year, we figured it was only right to celebrate the birth of Jesus like all Jews do: with Chinese food and a movie. This week, we invited one half of the Bodega Boyz, and a staple on half of MTV2's programs, The Kid Mero to the Upper West Side for a Very Mero Christmas! We talked about the most bizarre circumstances under which he met Slick Rick, how he avoided going to a top-tier private high school, and jumping in a stranger's limo to go see a taping of Sally Jesse Raphael. We discussed Wale inviting him to his first listening party, how he really feels about internet commenters, and J.Lo following him on Instagram. All that, plus J.Cole, playing manhunt in Bloomingdale's, his drunk uncle, the real story behind the White Desus photograph, and much, much more!

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