• FU on PrimeSense.
  • Apple's acquisition of Topsy and speculation on why.
  • Apple's possible difficulty in getting and keeping enough engineering talent, and how they might make bigger strides in web services.
  • Which group wears the pants in a company?
  • Marco's embarrassing FiOS support calls.
  • How Apple's release and marketing schedule affects their web services.
  • Methodologies and vocabularies.
  • USB spec group will add a reversible connector, the history of terrible USB connectors (see also: Hypercritical #5 from around 45 minutes, Hypercritical #6 from around 9 minutes, and the entire rest of the series, too), Lightning epitomizing Apple.
  • Dell renews hope for desktop Retina with the new Mac Pro, single big monitors vs. dual smaller ones, and higher-than-native resolution scaling on the Retina MacBook Pro (see also: Eye-Friendly).
  • Waiting for a new technology to fully mature before switching, or adopting it earlier with tradeoffs and hacks.
  • Texas.

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