Here is yet another hour (give or take) of some tunes, I hope you like them. I would think you may not like everything but I find all these songs and all the songs I play to be great. I may be insane.


Answering Machine - Nose Job

The Exploding Hearts - Thorns & Roses

Brand New Unit - Guns For Everyone

The Toy Dolls - I’ve Got Asthma

Mad Sin - Nine Lives

Bad Co. Project - Ten Years On

Killroy - Die Motherfucker Die

Stalag 13 - Black and Gray

Total Massacre - GOPiece of Shit

Pink Lincolns - Tourist

Youth Brigade - Old Man Bars

RVIVR - The Tide

Hoax - Fantasy

Old Firm Casuals - Perry Boys

Darkbuster - Join the NRA

Culture Shock - Civilization Street

The Birth Defects - Party Suicide

SNFU - Cancer Sticks and Hockey Sticks

His Hero is Gone - Professional Mindfuckers

Crumbsuckers - Trapped

Ministry - Just One Fix