I think my voice is getting better, I really hate how it sounds. I hope I didn’t repeat any songs, I’ve come up with slightly a better system for not replaying songs, so I hope it works. I will repeat bands but not songs…ideally.

Here we go:

Dead Bars - Emergency

The Uncouth - Just A Matter of Time

City Mouse - You

Parasites - Something to Hold on to

Girls At Our Best - Going Nowhere Fast

Crazy and the Brains - NYC

Damn Broads - Nature of the Game

Western Settings - Get It, Got It

Seaweed - Start With

Naked Raygun - Treason

Radioactivity - Silent

Turbonegro - Rock n’ Roll Machine

Iron Chic - My Best Friend (is A Nihilist)

Swinigin’ Utters - Angels Pissing on Your Head

The Reckless Drifters - Baby We’re Really in Love

Anti-Flag - Liar

Spanish Love Songs - Joana, in Five Acts

The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

Brand New Unit - Asshole, Stereo Control Freak

Modern Action - Pressure

Success - Believe In