Get ready for Punk Rock Bowling 2018 with bands appearing on the festival mainstage, the clubs and pool parties!


Turbonegro - Hot For Nietzsche

The Generators - Tears of Repentance

Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Where’d Ya Go?

Cobra Skulls - Back to the Youth

Shattered Faith - Last Name First

Dwarves - Kings of the World

The Bombpops - Dear Beer

Crazy and the Brains - Let Me Go

Dead to Me - Arrythmic Palpitations

Good Riddance - Mother Superior

Youth Brigade - Blown Away

Against Me! - Occult Enemies

At the Drive-In - Hostage Stamps

Radioactivity - Locked in My Head

Dillinger Four - Fire-Side Chat

Larry and His Flask - Pandemonium

The Briefs - 22nd Century Man

7 Seconds- The Music, The Message

Sciatic Nerve - Buy A Horse

The Bronx - Two Birds

Fishbone - I Wish I Had A Date