Here’s another our of bands playing the late night Punk Rock Bowling 2019 club shows. Which shows will you see or are you still undecided? It’s never an easy choice, they’re all so good!


Franks & Deans - Fly Me to the Moon

Franks & Deans - That’s Amore

Franks & Deans - Splish Splash

Mercy Music - Undone

Mercy Music - Hang Your Head

Mercy Music - Mr. Universe

Monkey - Lazy Boy

Monkey - Hitchin’ A Ride

Monkey - You’re Becoming A Jerk (and No One Likes You Any Way)

Save Ferris - Do I Even Like You

Save Ferris - Golden Silence

Save Ferris - New Sound (with Neville Staple of the Specials)

Stellar Corpses - Love Like This

Stellar Corpses - Leave A Stellar Corpse

Stellar Corpses - Dead Stars Drive-In

Zeros - Gotta Have Her Way

Zeros - Don’t Push Me Around

Zeros - Handgrenade Heart

45 Grave - Dream Hits

45 Grave - Fucked By the Devil

45 Grave - Highway 666