This hour features one of my favorite bands of all time, the Fastbacks! I first became familiar with the Fastbacks with their track Swallow My Pride that appeared on Sub Pop 200. I was surprised that it wasn’t a Ramones cover when I heard it. I really liked them and searched for more of their music, which wasn’t that easy to find in pre-internet NYC. Thankfully they started to release music on Sub Pop and with their solid indie distribution, you could find their stuff in better indie shops in the region. This was still before Nirvana left Sub Pop and Bleach was getting buzz but when I did see Nirvana, they were the direct support band on the TAD tour. I saw them at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, which was tiny.

Anyway, after stupidly leaving NYC (why do I always leave cool places?) I managed to catch the Fastbacks along with the Meices on several of their New England tour dates and have been a fan ever since. I can’t explain why, but when the core group of Kurt, Lulu and Kim get together with any number of drummers, the band creates some amazing music. Here’s 21 tracks of great Fastbacks songs. Most are originals, some are familiar covers. Enjoy!


Fastbacks - In the Winter

Fastbacks - I Know (Rusty Version)

Fastbacks - My Letters

Fastbacks - Trouble Sleeping

Fastbacks - In the Summer

Fastbacks - Girls Eyes (w/Eddie Vedder)

Fastbacks - Trouble Sleeping

Fastbacks - Gone to the Moon

Fastbacks - On the Couch (Supersuckers)

Fastbacks - Believe Me Never

Fastbacks - Just Say

Fastbacks - Lose

Fastbacks - Allison (Pixies)

Fastbacks - I Live in A Car (U.K. Subs)

Fastbacks - I’m Cold

Fastbacks - You Can’t Be Happy

Fastbacks - Impatience

Fastbacks - On the Wall

Fastbacks - Swallow My Pride

Fastbacks - Wrong Wrong Wrong

Fastbacks - Come On Come On (Cheap Trick)

Fastbacks - Book of Revelation