March 2020 will be forever known as the time that life on earth changed and not just for a day or a few days but for forever. In the USA we will often hear about how celebrities and famous athletes are coping. This is not to say they’re not sacrificing or having to cope but what is more important to me are the stories of those who are not part of those elite groups. The playing field has been leveled and now, a good percentage of us, are on the same level. Rich, poor or in-between, we are all figuring this out one day at a time.

Kevin Mills is an interesting character who appears to be unassuming. I first met Kevin a few years ago at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas when he was riding in a scooter with a fractured pelvis/spine/ribs, and torn ACL/PCL/MCL in his knee and a basket of adult beverages. I thought he was funny then but then I got to know him and he's not only hilarious but he's also an honest and upfront person.

The pandemic lockdown just happened to be at the start of Kevin's regular series hiatus and with one episode left to shoot, they pretty much were able to finish this season. The start of next season is still TBA.

He's currently working on one of my favorite television programs, we bowl in the same league here in Los Angeles and he has quite a few interesting and entertaining stories, which he shares as part of this Quarantine Conversation.

Post-Production by AJ Murillo
Recorded May 13, 2020
Edited by Andy Poncherello
“Marty’s Got the MRSA” by The Poncherellos (available nowhere)