March 2020 will be forever known as the time that life on earth changed and not just for a day or a few days but for forever. In the USA we will often hear about how celebrities and famous athletes are coping. This is not to say they’re not sacrificing or having to cope but what is more important to me are the stories of those who are not part of those elite groups. The playing field has been leveled and now, a good percentage of us, are on the same level. Rich, poor or in-between, we are all figuring this out one day at a time.

Peydon Twing is a hustler. Not in the traditional sense, but in the business sense. I’ve known him for quite some time because I had booked his old band on a few occasions and then working with me at my old record store. For those unfamiliar with what Pittsfield, Massachusetts is like, it’s a former industrial town that has lost most of it’s industry over time along with many of the businesses who were supported by good union paychecks and a healthy population. Times have been tough but some determined entrepreneurs have made a go of it.
Peydon has taken a small idea to silkscreen some shirts for his former band to a new level. He’s also faced with some challenges in the age of COVID-19.

You can find out more about Peydon and his business, PJT Screenprinting on his website


Post-Production by AJ Murillo Recorded April 15, 2020 Edited by Andy Poncherello “Marty’s Got the MRSA” by The Poncherellos (unavailable nowhere)