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Address: 158 Street No. 19, Binh Tri Dong B, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0569760357
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Today, the betting market is extremely crowded when welcoming many new bookmakers. However, AE888 is the most prominent name when it receives a lot of positive reviews from players and experts. This has brought the house into the list of the most prestigious and quality names. Follow the article below to learn more about this new quality house.

Link to AE888 is not laggy
On the betting market, there are many dealers who specialize in providing links. Most are reputable and quality agents who have signed official contracts with the house. However, there are still floating virtual links that deceive players.

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Detailed review of the AE888 casino house
Although just established, the casino house has received a lot of positive feedback from everyone. Below is a summary of the most specific reviews about this betting brand that you can refer to.

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