The musician and provocateur known as Peaches has just won a Polaris prize for the Best Canadian Album of the 2000s. Music fans selected her sexually charged debut release The Teaches Of Peaches in an online poll over albums by Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Feist, among others. Peaches is currently on tour with Meg Remy, the sole member of a band called U.S. Girls. Both musicians make provocative music, with graphic and sometimes disturbing imagery. It's the kind of songs that can you leave you blushing, or make your heart pound. On this week's +1 podcast, Peaches and Meg Remy talk about why they're drawn to graphic music, how they navigate the hazards and humor of performing live, and how their songs sometimes affect people in uncommon ways (the podcast itself contains a fair amount of profanity and sexual subject matter, both in conversation and music). As they tell All Songs Considered co-host Robin Hilton, sometimes listeners get the wrong idea.