When the AFD show announced that Chip Z'Nuff would be our next guest, listener of the show & Netherlands native Remco Ver submitted questions to be asked. However Brando took it one step further, asking him to be our special co-host for this episode.

So Brando & Remco welcome Chip Z'Nuff from Enuff Z'Nuff to the show. Chip calls in from his studio in Chicago, first reminiscing of his baseball history and local radio. He takes us through the early days of Enuff Z'Nuff, but things really get going once Guns N' Roses is brought up. Chip was an original member of Adler's Appetite and his solo record features both Steven Adler and Slash. Steven and Chip have a special friendship, so when asked about his feelings about Jamie Adler's recent comments, Steven's health, and GNR as a whole, he did not hold back.

Chip Z'Nuff is a great storyteller and an extremely positive person, making this episode a fun and informative listen. With Enuff Z'Nuff set to release a new record, Chip is fired up and ready to rock. Please follow/subscribe/leave a review!