In episode 32 of The AFD Show, Brando is first joined by friend of the show and journalist, Mr. Art Tavana. Art gives us an update on his Guns N' Roses book, his Twitter battle with Katy Perry fans (seriously), and takes part of our new "Get in the Ring!" feature.

Art also joins Brando in interviewing Desi Benjamin. Desi is a former Talent Scout at Virgin Records, a roadie for Faster Pussycat AND for Slash before GnR got signed! He now has released the documentary "Scenesters: Music, Mayhem, and Melrose Ave. 1985-1990. Desi shares the reason behind his movie, interactions with a young Izzy Stradlin, his appearance in the legendary "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II" ( the end!), and so much more!

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