The 55th episode of The AFD Show features our second guest from Duff McKagan's Loaded, bassist Jeff Rouse.

Before we get to Jeff, Brando is joined by avid listener of the show and huge Loaded fan, Ray from Scotland. Ray is welcomed on to ask Jeff his own fan questions and to read questions from you, our other listeners. In addition Brando and Ray take part in "Shotgun News," in which they break down the recent Facebook post from Steven Adler's brother, Jamie. There still seems to be hard feelings between Steven and Guns N' Roses, at least according to his brother...

Then the guys welcome Jeff Rouse. Jeff first takes us through his childhood just outside of Seattle, seeing bands like Alice in Chains and Mother Love Bone in their heyday. Then we find out how he met bandmate Mike Squires and how they would eventually form a band with Duff McKagan. We not only get updates on the status of Loaded, but Jeff shares a sample of new music from his upcoming solo EP, The Gemini. Also stories of Chris Jericho, Tommy Stinson, and so much more!

We also debut our new intro music written by none other than Mike Squires. Please follow/subscribe/leave us a review on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, SoundCloud, or Stitcher!