EDIT: I regret doing this episode. Our guest, Walker, turned out to be a nasty fan who harasses other GNR fans online for spite. He illegally obtained all his material and issues false copyright claims to hurt other fans. I do NOT condone his behavior and actions. I was duped and gave this "Walker" a chance and would be stabbed in the back. I will leave up the episode for entertainment purposes. However, again, I regret interacting with this person and giving him a platform. I apologize to my listeners.

  • Brando 5/15/18

Joining the guys is Walker, a man who may (or may not) have insider info AND music from the infamous Chinese Democracy era of Guns N' Roses. From the REAL reasons behind the delay of the album, unreleased remixes/songs, and clearing lots of Axl rumors, this is a can't miss episode for every GnR fan.

Walker and Brando also give their reviews of 2 of the 3 Madison Square Garden shows, cover the health news of Buckethead, and so much more!! Please follow and leave a review on Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, & iTunes!