In podcast #4 we discuss our new  3Dio Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone that arrived recently. We also chat about some of the items we use to make sounds for our Sound Series videos. These podcasts are becoming much easier to do and we are feeling quite at home doing them now. We have decided to take the chatty approach and you will find that we are way more relaxed in this podcast.


The 3Dio Free Space Pro microphones are set in a pair of  silicone moulded ‘ears’ mounted on an aluminium chassis. You can add  your camera to the all steel mount and there is ability to attach a grip handle or tripod.  We haven’t been out and about with this microphone set up as we use the Soundman for field trips.

The 3Dio Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone is designed to provide the ideal natural sound recording for binaural recording. This microphone is ideal for ASMR artists.

Here is the link to the XLR to USB  Shure Signal Adapter as mentioned in the podcast.

3Dio Free Space Pro On Tripod

Here you can see our 3Dio Binaural Microphones mounted on a Gorilla Flexible Tripod

3Dio Free Space Pro Binaural Microphone