In this podcast we talk about the latest news in ASMR including a few different ASMR artists and what they are doing as well as the Tingle Sensation ASMR documentary. We also talk about what we’ve been up to and a couple of different microphones for ASMR and finish with a 20 minute tapping binaural audio.


We discuss:

1. The recent loss of EmphemeralRift’s YouTube channel and how he got it back.

2. The Tingle Sensation documentary project.

3. ASMRrequests upcoming sequel to her Space Travel series.

4. MassageASMR’s upcoming ASMR marathon.

5. A new ASMR artist – Makato Phoenix.

6. More on soundproofing a room for ASMR.

7. The Yeti and Rode NT1A microphones.

8. A 20 minute tapping audio.


EmphemeralRift YouTube Channel

ASMRrequests YouTube Channel

MassageASMR YouTube Channel

Makato Phoenix YouTube Channel

Yeti Microphone

Rode NT1A Matched Pair Microphones

Tingle Sensation Website

This is a photo of the attempt at soundproofing the window with wool batts as mentioned in the podcast.

Soundproofing with Wool Batts