Salut à tous ! Cette semaine, on vous aide à bien préparer votre déconfinement avec un peu de Sport. Des animes sportifs, bien sûr, avec une sélection qui va du Volleyball au Cyclisme, en passant par le Rugby et le Patinage Artistique... mais aussi quelques hymnes de clubs de foot et de baseball dans cette playlist, car le Japon est très friand de ces "Cheer Songs" et autres "Supporters Songs", dont certaines sont composées par des grands noms du Rock, comme TOMOYASU HOTEI pour les Baystars de Yokohama, par exemple. Et puis KOKIA qui chante un générique d'anime de Foot, rien que ça, ça vaut le coup. Bonne écoute !!

Hi everybody ! This week, we help you preparing the end of your sheltering-in-place the best way possible, with a little bit of Sport ! Sport animes of course, with a selection of disciplines from Volleyball to Cycling, including Rugby and Figure Skating... but we have also a selection of anthems of various japanese Football and Baseball clubs in the playlist, as the "Cheer Songs" and "Supporters Songs" are entirely part of the fans' culture in Japan, and famous rockstars are absolutely not ashamed of composing some of them, such as TOMOYASU HOTEI's melody for the Baystars in Yokohama. And to finish, we have a song by Kokia, whose sweet voice has been invited to sing for an anime about... Football ! Have a nice listening !!

1- BURNOUT SYNDROMES - Haikyuu!! Second Season - FLY HIGH!!
2- THE CRO-MAGNONS - Kawasaki Frontale - Number One Yarô! 2017
3- SHOGO SAKAMOTO - Try Knights - Mugen no Try
4- TOM-H@CK feat. MASAYOSHI OISHI - Ace of Diamond - Go EXCEED
5- TOMOYASU HOTEI & YUKINOJO MORI - Yokohama DeNA Baystars - Yuusha no idenshi
6- DEAN FUJIOKA - Yuri on Ice - History Maker
7- KUMIKO ÔSUGI - Attack N°1 / Les Attaquantes - Attack N°1
8- ISAO SASAKI - Nippon Ham Fighters - Fighters Sanka
9- HIROKO MORIGUCHI - Ace wo Nerae 2 / Jeu, Set et Match - Endless Dream
10- SHOCKING LEMONS - Hajime no Ippo - Under Star
11- OMIYA ARDIJA - Omiya Ardija - Vamos Ardija
12- ROOKIEZ IS PUNK'D - Yowamushi Pedalu - Reclimb
13- LENNY CODE FICTION - All Out!! - Flower
14- UTAU MARINES (KEIJI KATAYAMA) - Chiba Lotte Marines - We Love Marines
15- G-GRIP - Future GPX Cyber Formula - I'll Come
16- DREAM - Hikaru no Go - Get Over
17- KOKIA - Hungry Heart Wild Striker - Tell Tell Bouzu