We lose so many bands to NYC up hear, it’s good to see a great one go in the opposite direction. Dania and Zilpha play what they may have inadvertently labeled “folk music in space”. Sometimes a duo, sometimes, a trio, maybe occasionally a quartet, for this session they brought along sometimes-bass player Jerrick (confirming the “weird name” clause of being in their band) who treated us to a video and backing track accompaniment. They do an incredible job of mixing great songs, radio friendliness, and a general wealth of talent. It’s good to have you in town!

Song List:

1. Wilt 04:02 2. Estimate And Then 04:48 3. Confetti 04:04 4. Leave Sonny 05:06 5. Saturn Starter Home 04:27 6. Fleet 05:57 7. Fit Fit Fit 04:16 8. Okay To Look Now 04:20 9. Cynthia 05:24

Starnes & Shah online

Download individual songs here, or stream the whole thing.