The winners of last year’s Happy Valley Showdown, Bunny’s a Swine is a band that loves two things: long confusing titles and playing music. And maybe booze. They also may soon be your new favorite band. They’re definitely one of ours.

Song List:

1. Fuck Graph 03:11 download 2. This Place is a Meat Market, but I’m a Social Vegan 03:59 download 3. Haircut 03:39 download 4. Children and TVs 03:16 download 5. She’s Not That Tall, But I’m That Deep (Labrador) 03:28 download 6. Bailout 03:18 download 7. Fuck Bunny’s A Swine 03:25 download 8. Hate Song Love Song (Not So Much Love) Ostev and Overstimulus 03:40 download

Bunny’s a Swine on MySpace.

Download individual tracks here, or stream the whole thing.