Stopping by for their third session (check out their earliers here), Brooklyn’s The Press continues to be one of those “Why doesn’t EVERYONE know about this band?” kinda bands. In our humble opinion, their brand new album, INTEOTWIJTEOAE (listen closely and you’ll know what it stands for), finally does justice to the intricate patchwork of rhythms and melodies that almost don’t seem to make sense when taken separately, but combine to make some of the most original and yet accessible songs to come out of New York in a long time.

Song List:

1. Kentucky 05:10 2. Do It For Myself 03:29 3. Tetris 06:00 4. Samhain 01:47 5. Lenny 02:03 6. R 05:19 7. When Your Father Gets Home 04:22 8. The Playwright, the Play 02:56 9. Killdare 04:04

The Press online

Download individual tracks here, or stream the whole thing: