Hey, we’re back! The list of excuses for going so long without a release is forthcoming (and extensive, and convincing!), but in the meantime, we have a few sessions from the old Flophouse to let you in on!

Boone, North Carolina’s Naked Gods came back to lay down some of the most soulful stuff we’ve had the pleasure of recording (for further evidence, their first session), and did not disappoint in the slightest. Our delay in getting this out seems almost appropriate, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better soundtrack to the return of spring.

Song List:

1. Hoods Up 04:48 2. Waggin’ Well 05:20 3. Stands in Shoes 04:48 4. Popsicle Swamp 03:12 5. Five More Years 05:38 6. Untitled 05:16

Naked Gods on the webness.

Download individual tracks here, or stream the whole thing: