You broke ass bitch, you ain't sayin' nothin'
When I hold up my wrist, it's sayin' somethin' (Yeah)
Your nigga, he know 'cause he payin' somethin' (Damn)
I ball on these bitches like and one
Swish, bitch, I'm the shit
QC the clique, we rich as a bitch
Yeah, ayy, Miami, I'm lit, Patek on my wrist
Follow the drip, my jewelry sick (Ice)
Pneumonia pink diamonds, got the corona (Ugh, ugh)
Moneybagg Runtz, that's the aroma (Woo)
This ain't no mid from Arizona
Bitch, I'm serious (Real), period (Period)
All that ho shit, I ain't hearin' it (Bitch)
My niggas pull up with sticks, they clearin' it (Rrah)
Yeah, me and JT, we killin' it, period