Beyond Bourbon Street is the podcast where we explore the food, music, places, people and events that make New Orleans unique.  Whether you are planning a trip, currently living in New Orleans or simply wanting a taste of the Crescent City from wherever you are, you’ve come to the right place!

The inspiration for this episode came from the upcoming Rock n Roll New Orleans marathon, but even if you are not a runner this is still for you. I was thinking about how I could give runners a preview of the 26.2-mile course and still make it interesting for everyone else. I realized a marathon that wanders through the city would be a good, semi-random way to offer a glimpse into New Orleans from a unique perspective.

We’ll use the actual race course as our canvas, and meander off the path to explore interesting places they appear on our map. Along the way, we’ll discover neighborhoods, events, and history. The more I got into this one the more I enjoyed uncovering things along the route. I think you’ll find lots of insider tips and places to explore so sit back and enjoy as I take you on a run through New Orleans!

Start to Mile 8: One Shell Square, the Garden District and Uptown New Orleans, streetcars, two World's Fairs, National WWII Museum, cemeteries, and places to eat including Commander's Palace.

Miles 9-10:  French Quarter, Cafe du Monde, museums, the Old US Mint.

Miles 11-14: Esplanade Avenue, Edgar Degas, Carrollton Avenue and more.

Mies 15-18:  Old grove oak trees in City Park, Bayou St. John, and Old Spanish Fort.

Miles 19-22:  Lake Pontchartrain, Katrina and the damaged levees, Pontchartrain Beach Amusement Park. 

Miles 23- Finish Line:  City Park, including the various attractions.

Lagniappe:  Multiple options for spectators including the best places to watch the marathon, and helpful tips for what to do and eat while you're waiting for your favorite marathoner!


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