It’s All About You

It’s been an amazing year for Beyond Bourbon Street.  We’ve gone from launch to building an awesome community of people who love New Orleans.  I’ve gotten to interact with many of you - by email, on Facebook, Instagram and sometimes even in person.  Along the way I’ve made new friends and been able to take you along as we explore New Orleans.

This episode is my chance to say thanks for your support, encouragement and friendship.


Your Questions Answered

In this episode, we look back on the first year of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast.  I answer your questions about my favorite episodes, about how the podcast has impacted me, and what 2017 might look like.  I also answer several behind the scenes questions, including...


  • What is the process of creating the podcast?
  • How and where do you record?
  • How is the show doing?


The Top 5 (okay 6) Most Downloaded Episodes of 2016 1 -  Po-boy festival, Voodoo, Boudin Bourbon & Beer, Halloween - episode #1 2-   The Cemeteries with Sally Asher - episode #22 3 -  Tales from the Garden District with Christine Miller - episode #17 4 -   History of the Po-Boy, with my Dad, Vincent Bologna - episode #6 T5 - Creole Culture and the Sausage King, with Vance Vaucresson - episode #20 T5 - The Language of New Orleans - episode #11   NOTE:  The Girls Guide and the Treme episode are both new, but are on a pace to be up near the top quickly!


  Where Do I Find the Beyond Bourbon Street Podcast?

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Thanks for listening!