Big Band Serenade presents the most popular Vocalist in Britain during the 1930s, Al Bowlly.

used in this episode in order of play,1)"Blue Moon"w/Ray Nobel and his
Orchestra-1935,2)"Isn't It Heavenly"w/Les Stone and his
Orchestra-1933,3)"Close Your Eyes"-1933,4)"Day You Came
Along"-1933,5)"How Could We Be Wrong"-1933,6)"What A Little Moonlight
Can Do"-1934,7)"Riptide"-1934,8)"If I Had A Million Dollars"1934,9)"You
Couldn't Be Cuter"-1938,10)"Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen"-1938,11)"Georgia's
Gotta Moon"-1938,12)"Every Day's A Holliday"w/Al Bowlly and his
Orchestra-1937,13)"Junk Man Blues"-1932,14)"I Won't Tell A
Soul"-1938,15)"Just Let Me Look At You"-1938

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