Big Band Serenade presents our 1 year of Podcasting the Best of the Big Band Era. This week Red Nichols' Five Pennies from the Radio Transcriptions "Brunswick Brevities" and "The Heat" Series 1929-1930.


Songs play are in order of play,1)"I May Be Wrong",2)"They Didn't Believe Me",3)"On The Alamo",4)"That's Aplenty",5)"Can't Yo' Hear Me Callin' Caroline,6)"Margie",7)"Wait For The Happy Ending",8)"Whispering",9)"My Future Just Passed",10)"After You's Gone",11)St. Louis Blues",12)"Call Of The Freaks",13)"The Sheik of Araby",14)"Strike Up The Band",15)"Black and Blue",16)Ain't Misbehavin",17)"Sweet Georgia Brown",18)"Walkin' The Dog",19)"Here Comes Emily Brown"