The Artie Shaw Band from a radio remote broadcast from the Summer Terrace at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Roof in Boston.
The Artie Shaw Orchestra of 1938-1939 was the best band he ever assembled. Shaw did many big band remotes, and he was also often heard from the Blue Room of New York's Hotel Lincoln. It was the location of his only regular radio series as headliner. Sponsored by Old Gold cigarettes, Shaw broadcast on CBS from November 20, 1938 until November 14, 1939. At the height of his popularity, Shaw reportedly earned $60,000 per week. For a comparison, George Burns and Gracie Allen, were each making US $5,000 per week during the year (1940-41) the Artie Shaw Orchestra provided the music for their radio show. He also acted on the show as a love interest for Gracie.