It’s the greatest multi-character crossover in history! In a special extra-length edition packed with scarcely believable action, we assemble guests STRICTLY KEV AKA DJ FOOD of Ninja Tune fame, MARK HOOPER – editor of Hole & Corner magazine – plus a special cameo role from IAN DUNT of our sister podcast Remainiacs. Who are all these characters and what do they want?

On the agenda: what did Infinity War mean and how are the Avengers going to get out of that? (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS so we’re doing that bit at the end.) Plus we have a poke around inside Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer, we rave about Bill Hader’s new hitman-in-a-crisis HBO comedy Barry – now running on Sky – and we zone out with a caipirinha and the new compilation Too Slow To Disco Brasil. 

Andrew Harrison and Siân Pattenden are your master and mistress of ceremonies for the affair. 

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Produced and presented by Andrew Harrison with Siân Pattenden. Studio production by Jack Claramunt. Bigmouth is a Podmasters production. 


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